Does Rosstein Play for Fake Money?

There are countless rumors related to Roshtein fake money online gambling, and it is one of the questions that the online gamblers ask. The popularity of the streamer is grandiose, and the majority of the casino players tend to trust him.

Nevertheless, we have to find out: is Roshtein fake money streamer or not. As soon as you accomplish reading this text, you will get the response to this question—the most credible and reputable answer.

As you know Roshtein never uses any demo account at the online casinos in Canada. His videos demonstrate how he really deposits and withdraws the cash he wins.

As a result, because of the extra transparency, Roshtein’s audience frequently considers his gambling real. The competitors of the famous streamer still believe he uses fake accounts and fake money to show the way a casino is easy to beat.

Do Casinos Give Fake Money to Streamers in Canada?

No, the casinos do not give any fake money to Roshtein to play. Each stream by this gambler clearly demonstrates that he plays for real money—exceptionally. There are a couple of proofs to this statement:

  • Due to each game being based on RNG, it is impossible to fake the game results
  • The money deposited is real, since Roshtein clearly exhibits the way he requires a withdrawal
  • Some of the videos show that the money loaded his personal wallet (in case of the instant payouts).

The final proof that Roshtein fake money streamer is not possible is that it would be quite complicated to get an agreement with each and every casino where the gambler gets signed up. Just imagine what kind of job should be performed to just communicate with each of the casinos’ representatives!

So, no Roshtein fake money instances can be noticed.

How to Distinguish a Fake Streamer from a Streamer Who Plays for Real Money?

Yes, now we know that Roshtein plays for real money, since the evidence provided above cannot be broken.

Nonetheless, it is also vital to understand how one can distinguish a fake streamer from a real one.

There are some steps you may consider to determine if a streamer who you watch is real or not:

  • Each stream is devoted to the same casino or the same casino game(s)
  • The streamer picks up just a couple or several casinos to play at online
  • The streamer is a character who never depicts the way they deposit and/or withdraw the funds
  • The streams by such fake money online streamers seem to be made of a couple of videos—which are not actually to be considered as a stream as such.

So, these signs should always warn the viewers that you are most likely watching just a fake game to attract new customers to a particular casino to play for real money.


No. Such streamer as Roshtein is known to play for real.

Demo account is an account to play for free with no real money deposited.

Fake streamers play at the same casino(s) and use almost the same games from a stream to a stream.

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