What Is Roshtein Summary Net Worth?

Real money casino streams are pretty popular nowadays in Canada. One of the most famous online streamers in the field of gambling is Roshtein. Due to his fame, he is also known to be pretty wealthy.

The real name of the gambler is Ishmael Swartz, and he is one of the most popular characters on Twitch. In compliance with his video streams, the biggest win that he was lucky to grab from an online casino was $8,967,600, which is a pretty big amount, right?

That is why it is always interesting what Roshtein net worth is and how much he wins. In addition, we would also consider if he possesses any additional source of income.

Roshtein Net Worth 2022 is assessed at $24 million which is $4M more than Roshtein net worth 2021.

Carry on reading this page and you will get fascinated by the facts we put in here!

Is Roshetin a Casino Partner?

Roshtein may be easily considered a casino industry influencer. His Twitch account is followed by almost 800K users. His YouTube channel is watched by approximately 70K viewers. It is one of the ways for the Roshtein net worth.

Each of the followers surely asks if Roshtein is a casino partner or not.

Yes, Roshtein publishes some affiliate links to the casinos where he plays at the moment. Nonetheless, it does not ever mean that the game streams are fake.

Some of the games the gambler shows to his audience bring him pretty big failures. Still, an affiliate link is located, since it is always the choice of the audience to sign up or not with a particular casino as well as the depositing procedure. As a result, Roshtein Net Worth 2022 will keep on growing.

Since Roshtein never goes in for the demo account and never plays for fake money, you will witness real money and real time streams by this gambler.

How Does Roshtein Improve His Net Worth?

To get wealthier, Roshtein has to develop his social media and be in constant search of the new casino games to surprise the viewers and to prove the play for real money.

So, the key steps Roshtein takes to improve his net worth may be shaped in the following way:

  • Active development of the social networks to accumulate more viewers
  • Some ads posted on his Instagram and Twitter accounts
  • Constant search of the games to play
  • Active interaction with the audience to discover their preferences
  • Keeping in touch with all the news of the gambling industry.

All of these actions are significant for his streamer’s career. Maybe because of this, the gambler’s viewers prefer watching him and trust him. However, not each offer by him brings big wins to himself: yes, there are many cases when the streamer lost the games and money.

What Percentage of the Net Worth Does Rosstein Lose?

No matter how much you are going to browse the web, you would hardly ever be able to stumble upon any real numbers of the streamer’s losses.

Some of his regular viewers believe that loses up to 15% of the net worth. Some state that his losses reach up to 30%.

Nevertheless, it would be complicated to find any other digit that would be higher.

In any case, compared to Roshtein net worth 2021 it does not matter a lot how much the gambler loses in general, for each of the gambling sessions that he streams depicts the amount deposit, the multiplier, and the winning or a loss.

So, just enjoy his streams and grab some perks to introduce to your own gambling strategy. We believe you will greatly succeed in online casino games!


Absolutely. As our research showcases, no other sources of income by Roshtein have been found.

It depends on the winnings. The average amount is $100K.

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