Roshtein — Popular Slots Streamer

It is now no secret that Roshtein is not just an online gambling streamer with a great gambling experience but also an influencer and a public figure. His passion for casinos has turned into a real job that brings him millions a year. Not all Canadian players can be like that!

In this article, we are going to cast a glance at the games that Roshtein likes playing at the online casinos as well as the games he truly plays.

Possibly, you may know the answer if you follow Roshtein casino games at least on one of his social networks. Yes, the answer is easy—slots, as the majority of gamblers are fond of. However, he does not play mobile slots only.

The Main Casino Games Played by Roshtein

One of the purposes that Roshtein follows is to constantly keep his iGaming content fresh. To do so, he is supposed to be into diverse games.

Of course, the famous slot machines are his prerogative. There are a range of reasons for this. First off, these are official fruit machines that have the highest payouts. Secondly, a lion’s share of the slots are progressives, so it is possible to win mind-boggling sums of cash!

So, we can shape the list of Roshtein’s most frequently played games like that:

  • Mystery Museum
  • Fruit Party
  • Book of Shadows
  • Rosh Immortality Cube
  • Gates of Olympus
  • Wanted Dead or a Wild, as well as
  • Stake’s own Plinko game.

It is a well-known fact that when playing the Wanted Dead or a Wild game, he got $10 million win (the Welcome bonus included). So, watching the Roshtein Slots can bring you much fun! Isn’t it great?

Currently, he makes deposits in crypto currencies, and he demonstrates how to do that.

So, you can grab these details and use them in your strategy to succeed in the casino games even more!

Online Casino Games Preferred by Roshtein

In fact, similarly to the most often played games, Roshtein casino slots are most often.

It is possible to assume that the games he plays are just fun. However, these are the slot machines games streamed on Twitch and/or YouTube that make the gambler’s luxurious life.

The real money slot titles listed above are a great example of which casino games a newbie gambler is better to choose to have the highest payouts.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that the other Roshtein casino slots do not bring any winnings. The thing is that it is better to watch Roshtein playing online to understand what he does to win. Herein, one of the principles is not just strategy but using big stakes.

If you watched at least one of the Roshtein Slots streams that he held, you will see how much money he bets, and how much he wins, as a consequence.

So, playing slots is one of the best ways to get wealthier and grab the winnings that would be higher than the ones that Roshtein has already made!


xposed monthly income is no less than $6K.

Sure, he does as every gambler. It is normal.

Unfortunately, xposed is banned on Twitch for now.

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