Roshtein — Popular Twitch Casino Streamer

Roshtein, being one of the most famous gamblers who streams literally all of the gambling sessions he participates in, also develops social networks.

What you can most often witness is not only real money gambling and a big win but also how he deposits and withdraws. More and more frequently, he is into crypto currency.

Roshtein Social Media

As a rule, the regular viewers of his Twitch videos tend to follow him on the other social networks like Instagram and Twitter.

Both social media accounts are pretty developed—so you will have a chance to follow not only the key games to be streamed in the future but also cast a glance at his personal life. However, he does not show it a lot.

Both Roshtein Twitter and Roshtein Instagram are popular among the fans of gambling. One of the reasons why the audience follows the other social profiles by Roshtein is that he frequently posts some forecasts, announces the new streams, and shares his experience.

Roshtein Twitch

Roshtein Twitch is incredibly popular—that is an unarguable truth. Can you guess how many subscribers he possesses? There are more than 837K viewers watching him playing for real money.

Even his Discord account is not as famous in Canada as Roshtein Twitter!

The casino players are never exhausted from watching him playing for real, regardless of his sessions being more than 7 or even 9 hours long!

When you get on his account on Twitch you will see plenty of the recorded video streams from the past, and you can just detect the progression of the gambler.

We also suggest you read the comments below the videos, so that you would have a double proof that he never plays for fake money or something like that!

Roshtein Twitter

Roshtein Twitter audience is lesser than on Twitch but still the number is pretty impressive. There are 66K followers the gambler has on his Twitter account.

Using the social network, Roshtein promotes his video channels, shares his personal life, and sometimes drops the twits about the things that worry him.

In fact lots of the videos that the streamer puts on Twitch can be found in his Twitter profile. So, do not hesitate to visit it and keep posted about all the news and games he plays.

We are sure that you can have some significant points to be introduced into your online gambling strategy to get more successful in winning when you play for real money.

Roshtein Instagram

If you are a fan of Instagram, you should know that you can also find Roshtein on that social network. The number of followers is also fabulous—more than 107K!

For now you can stumble upon almost 600 posts that demonstrate the gambler’s personal life and the way he prefers spending his free time.

The audience in the profile is pretty active, so you can always discuss all the gambling-related topics with the active followers.

Sometimes Roshtein uses his Instagram profile for streams—but they are not related to gambling in most cases. If you are interested in his personal life, you can familiarize yourself more with him.

Roshtein Reddit

Roshtein Reddit is one of the less evolved social networks the gambler possesses—dissimilarly from, say, Twitter Roshtein. You will not find that ton of followers and countless comments and likes under his posts.

Still, if you are a fan of Roshtein Reddit you can always feel welcome to join Roshtein and follow him.

He sometimes shares the links for the live streams where he plays for real money at the online casinos. So, be one of the lucky gamblers who can “steal” some of his ideas to implement in your casino strategy! We have no doubt that you would have incredible benefits out of the posts in Twitter Roshtein or no matter which social network you would love to be on.


Nope, he was not banned on Twitch—his profile is active and you can always refer to the schedule to be the first to watch him streaming to show the play for real money.

Yes, he is! His audience is more than 800K and his streams constantly have at least 500K views.

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