Casino Streamer Roshtein

Some casino streamers have been able to earn a resounding, albeit controversial, reputation for themselves. Meet one of these guys — Roshtein. This is one of the most famous and popular people who stream their drifts (and losses). It got its fame thanks to Roshtein’s Twitch TV channel. It is a live streaming platform where viewers pay money to watch.

The player enters the platform and watches Roshtein play online casinos, thus making money on online games. He conducts his streams professionally, attracting more and more audiences.

Overall, the Roshtein casino streamer is a rather controversial personality. There are rumours that this person does not play for real money, has a special relationship with the casino site, and generally showed himself as a dubious person. We will find out which of these is true and which is rather a hype right now.

Is Roshtein Fake?

People say anything about this person. But the fact that Roshtein Twitch Streamer is a real person, who leads real streams with real wins and losses, is true. Unfortunately, nobody knows this person’s real name. All you can find out about him is that Roshtein online casino streamer is from Sweden; he has been playing and streaming since 2016 and is a partner of some online casinos.

The streamer has earned himself resounding fame and thousands of followers. Roshtein himself introduces himself as a “casino philosopher with a unique gaming style. What exactly the streamer had in mind in this regard is not completely clear. But one thing is known for sure: the Roshtein Twitch streamer plays for real money.

Gamblers and fans can watch Roshtein casino activity through its social media channels: Instagram, Discord, Twitter. This streamer is very popular because each stream collects from 7,000 to even 10,000 views. Just imagine how many people want to see how Roshtein slots devastate.

And if we’re talking about a non-mainstream channel, just imagine how many Roshtein twitch videos bring streamers on a regular basis. No one can say exactly how much he has now. But, according to unofficial data, the wealth of one of the most popular streamers on Twitch — Roshtein can reach four million dollars.

Roshtein is Banned

It often happens that the Roshtein website gets blocked. This can be due to one or more factors. But most of the time, this happens because of the blocking providers. What should be done in such cases?

Just go to another online casino site or find an alternative platform where you can watch Roshtein casino and gambling streams. In the end, you can always go to the Twitch platform, where all streams are available to registered visitors.

Biggest Roshtein’s Win

If ordinary Roshtein casino live stream videos are so popular, imagine what happens when this guy wins! So, visiting the YouTube channel, you can find videos where a streamer deposits 75,000 Euros in slots! It is known that the streamer plays in N1 casinos and records his streams from there.

True, there is a rumour that the streamer is not playing for real money. So, during one of the Roshtein Twitch live casinos, it was noticed that he was playing in the demo version for virtual credits.

Roshtein and his team have a long track record. So, they played and won in several European casinos, such as:

  • Casinia.
  • Nomini.
  • ProfiStarz.
  • PocketPlay.
  • BitKingz.
  • SlotWolf.
  • Level Up.
  • Parimatch

In addition, the streamer shares promo codes, bonuses and information about each online casino on their website.

How does Roshtein make money?

Perhaps you were also interested in how Roshtein’s stream helps him earn money and what benefits it brings to you. After all, many casino streamers hide their accounts for a good reason. But not casinomeister Roshtein. However, he does not miss the opportunity to capitalize on his hobby and has already created many new videos. They bring him a good income. So, the YouTube Channel alone gives the streamer a little over 1,000 USA a month.

One way or another, Roshtein is known as a high roller. He wins because of the big bets. And loses because of them. Also, many gambling fans are sure that Roshtein has a decent percentage due to bonuses from casinos and affiliate programs.

Bonus from Streamer

Everyone knows Roshtein casino Twitch Streamer for his corporate image and demeanour. And not even by his wins and losses. It also became famous for being the champion in hunting bonuses. In 2020, he was able to get 451 bonuses and 100 more, breaking another streamer’s Bidule record.

By the way, the streamer always shares the best bonuses and promo codes on his Roshtein casino site. It has information about the bonus conditions of each site, including the maximum bonus, the minimum deposit to receive it, the wager, and so on. Also, players can receive rewards for a promotional code. For example, this applies to:

  • Stake Casino. Enter the bonus code ROSH upon registration and receive a $ 35 non-sticky reward.
  • GAMDOM. The promotion has a similar condition. You must enter the same bonus code to receive a 15% Rakeback.

The site also shows other Roshtein Casino bonuses that each gambling club offers. It is also 100% deposits, free spins, extra money. The site is constantly updated and shows new, relevant opportunities.

So Roshtein has a contradictory situation. But one thing is obvious — he is popular, has a great influence on fans, and can earn a lot: on streams, affiliate programs, and just winnings. However, he created a site where players can learn more about casino bonuses and even take advantage of some promo code ROSH.


Where does Roshtein live?

Many sources say that Roshtein is from Sweden. According to the latest facts, his current place of residence is in Malta.

What is Roshtein’s real name?

His real name is Ishmael Swartz.

Does Roshtein use real money for playing casinos?

There are controversial data that Roshtein plays with fake money. But these are just other rumours.

How many followers does Roshtein have?

Roshtein’s account on Twitch has about 800000 followers, and quarters have opened casino accounts by affiliate links.

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